Customer Reviews

Their mask is incredibly sturdy, not to mention it looks really bloody intimidating when I play paintball with my lads. I am definitely coming back to get more gears. Oh ya, some of their product descriptions were hilarious!

Keith Wagner

The watch I bought is comparable to my G Shock, super high quality and waterproof. The price is more than fair and shipping time is around 2 weeks for me. I will definitely buy more sportswear from you!

Joey Levenson

So my mom is really into the Nordic mythology, and I decided to get her necklaces for her bd. Anyway, IceCold Viking trinkets are beautifully designed and crafted. I am bookmarking this!

Sharon Julsen

Their clothes and gears are definitely of top quality. Email them for current discounts, I got my helmet for less than 30 bucks with a nice discount and free shipping. You can't beat that!

Corey Van Hausen

Item arrived as described in the product photos. Shipping takes some time, but the price is really worth it. The thermal jacket I got is the same one I can buy from local sports chalet, but for much, much less. I would recommend this to my friends.

Gabriel Shepherd