Dash Camera

Dash Camera

Pick up a dash camera before your next road trip and up your personal security level to the max! This small HD camera will capture video for multiple hours to help keep you protected in case of accident or theft.

Providing You Peace of Mind

Studies have shown that installing a security surveillance device, even a fake one, can deter criminals from stealing your property. The dash cams we feature here on Bro Gadgets can be compared to an iTek rear view mirror dash cam, capturing both video and sound in full 1080p/60fps high-definition. Many of the models we stock feature forward-facing and rear-facing cameras so you can record the interior of your car as well as your view from the windshield, giving you a complete picture of everything happening in or around your car. A dash camera helps protect you if you’re in an accident, experience criminal activity, or have a break-in. Simply keep the resulting video for use in insurance or legal proceedings and ensure the case is as open and shut as possible.

This is an incredibly easy-to-use clip on mirror dash cam that can be mounted right on your rear view mirror for your convenience. The complete sets we offer include:

  • Camera
  • Charging cable
  • USB cable
  • Mirror mount
  • User manual
  • And support in several languages

While the iTek rear view mirror dash cam doesn’t always get the best reviews, we intentionally source and create products that we’d use ourselves, so we guarantee a quality product for a great price. A good dash camera can often run hundreds of dollars, but you’ll frequently find deals here at Bro Gadgets that will get you an awesome camera for 50% off or more. Keep an eye out for great deals!

Our dash cams come with tons of great features, like night vision and looping recording capability. WE’re always on the lookout for handy and cool products to feature in our store. You can depend on Bro Gadgets to be your best online source for great tech gadgets for men.