Mens Bracelet

Mens Bracelet

Find an authentic and affordable Viking-style mens bracelet right here at Ice Cold Blings. Our Viking bracelet collection includes quality cuffs and arm rings made in the Nordic style.

Quality Viking Jewelry

What was once a niche jewelry style has recently exploded in popularity. More people than ever before are developing an interest in Viking jewelry thanks to recent movies and TV shows, such as Vikings on the History Channel, and Ice Cold Blings is seeing the interest in our products bloom. We’ve always had a staple base of customers interested in an authentic Nordic bracelet or Thor’s Hammer pendant, but now we’re seeing an upswing in searches for quality, well-made Viking accessories. We’ve always had a philosophy of designing and creating products that would make any Viking of Midgard proud and we’re so thrilled to be able to share them with a wider audience.

A Viking-style mens bracelet is also known as a cuff or arm ring. They’re symbols of masculinity in Viking culture and are worn around the wrist, though they can also be fitted to be worn higher on the arm or even across the bicep. Ornamental metalwork has a long tradition in Norse history and a Viking bracelet may be simple or ornate, displaying fine details or sacred animals. Authentic Viking jewelry is most typically made using bronze or silver. Gold was much rarer, typically reserved only for royalty or those in positions of power. Leather can be used but is less common.

If you’re looking for an authentic Viking mens bracelet, you can’t go wrong with Ice Cold Bling. Whether you’re a fan of recent Viking television shows or films, or you’re Norse myth buff, or you have Nordic ancestry, you’ll find high-quality workmanship and great styles right here. View our collection to find ornamental bracelets, wolf-head bracelets, Viking rings, and more.

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