Mirror Dash Cam

Mirror Dash Cam

Why is a mirror dash cam one of the coolest gadgets to have in your arsenal? Simple: it’s an effective personal security device that records audio and video of accidents, theft, questionable characters, and a whole lot more.

The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Around

A typical rear view mirror dash cam attaches directly to your mirror to capture everything you see from your car’s windshield. Many designs also incorporate a rear-facing cam as well so you can monitor the interior of the car. Here at Bro Gadgets, we offer UltraCarCam cameras that offer tons of features and benefits, including full HD 1080p/60fps video and a 4.3” HD LCD display, among others. Depending on the model you choose, you may also get the night vision function, motion detection, light sensor, micro SD card upgrade, 170-degree HD wide-angle lens, and even more. Products like these can go for hundreds of dollars, but with us you can find the best rear view mirror dash cam at an awesome discount.

Ready to take a road trip? Awesome! There’s nothing like the feeling of the open road. To keep yourself and your car safer on the road, make sure you install a mirror dash cam before you go, complete with mount, charger, and USB cable. Your camera will work best while it’s plugged in and charging, so keep it rolling whenever you’re driving. Catch video of anything worth noting, including accidents or criminal activity. Having video on your side will make working with insurance or local law enforcement so much easier. The rear view mirror dash cam can record up to 13 hours of footage and offers loop recording functions as well.

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