Viking Decorations

Viking Decorations

Ice Cold Blings offers everything you could possibly want when it comes to Viking decorations. From skull beer mugs and drinking horns (skol!) to Viking wall decorations, there’s something for every Viking fan to appreciate.

Authentic Viking Jewelry

We’re best known for our Viking jewelry, including:

  • Pendants
  • Mens bracelets
  • Cuffs
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • And more

Ice Cold Blings made a name for itself among online Viking fans by providing them with authentic, affordable, quality jewelry that would make any Viking of Midgard proud. We’re not all about jewelry, though. Like you, we love all things Viking, so we offer Viking theme decorations for your home or business, as well. Show your Nordic pride with Viking wall decorations, murals, t-shirts, specialty jewelry, mugs, and a whole lot more.

Since the History Channel launched its Vikings show, we’ve noticed that up to 25% of our customers come to our shop seeking out Viking bracelets like they saw Ragnar and Rollo wearing. However, the bulk of our clientele have always been Viking fans, so this is nothing new… it’s just a new introduction to Nordic culture and mythology! Can’t complain about that. As people grow more interested in Viking symbols and myths, we find that they’re often looking for Viking decorations that will look at home in a theme room, game room, or common space. True Viking fans will appreciate our wall murals and decals featuring bloodlust berserkers, double axes, Odin’s warriors, Viking longboats, swordsmen, and a whole lot more. Other decorations feature skulls, runes, runic compasses, and sacred animals like wolves, ravens, and dragons.

Whatever brought you to Ice Cold Blings, we hope you find the perfect Viking decorations right here. Check back often for new products or sign up to our newsletter to hear about them when they go live! If you like what you find, you may also like our range of Viking jewelry featuring tons of Nordic symbology and mythos.

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