Viking Jewelry

Viking Jewelry

Ice Cold Blings brings you the most authentic, affordable Viking jewelry for online sale with a very flexible free worldwide shipping plan. In this collection, you’ll find a huge variety of Nordic jewelry designs and options.

At Ice Cold Blings, our Viking collection is not just about jewelry.

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A quarter of our loyal Viking customers were inspired by the recent Vikings TV show on the History Channel. Viewers loved the Viking-themed mens jewelry that Ragnar and Rollo wore, and we offer those and similar designs here. The Viking bracelet, also known as a cuff or arm ring, is a symbol of manhood. It is a very popular item. However, most of our Viking jewelry customers were inspired to visit our site long before they saw the show. They are what made Ice Cold Blings famous today for its Nordic jewelry collection. These loyal customers frequently share their own Viking adventures and their own stunning jewelry collections from throughout the years.

Whether you’re a Vikings TV show fan or you consider yourself to be more of a Mjolnir collector or die-hard Nordic myth enthusiast, you can rest assured that our Viking collection will match your tastes. Our collection includes mens bracelets and Thor's hammer necklaces. We also offer Viking jewelry focusing on Nordic mythological animals like the wolf, raven, and dragon. Each product is crafted with dedication, passion, and skill that would make any Viking of Midgard proud. We have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a pair of matching wedding bands, a leather wolf-headed bracelet, or even a carefully crafted vegvisir pendant. Please subscribe to our newsletter for news about our latest jewelry designs and products.

Our Viking jewelry and accessories have turned the online Viking community upside down with our authentic Viking craftsmanship at an affordable price, plus flexible worldwide shipping capabilities. What was originally considered a very specialized niche of products has exploded in popularity. Nowadays, our jewelry collection has become one of our top sellers and we’re proud to be the gateway to all your Viking bling!

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