Viking Necklace

Viking Necklace

Ice Cold Blings offers plenty of options for customers looking for an authentic and affordable Viking necklace for men or women. Our shop offers Thor’s Hammer pendants, mythic and runic necklaces, a raven skull Viking amulet, and much more.

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed that about a quarter of our customers found us thanks to the recent resurgence of Vikings in the media, including on the TV show Vikings and Marvel’s Thor films. People are fascinated by Norse mythology and symbolism, many trying to seek out a Nordic necklace or runic pendant of their very own. We can hardly blame them – Viking culture is fascinating! The majority of our clientele are longtime Viking fans who found our shop long before the recent shows and movies. Many are history buffs or an interest in Norse mythology, and others come from Nordic bloodlines. Whatever their reason, there’s no doubt that they were looking for high-quality Viking jewelry and they found it.

A Viking necklace can come in many forms.

Some of our favorite Viking amulets feature runes, wolves, ravens, Thor’s Hammer, the Triple Horns of Odin, skulls, axes, compasses, dragons, and much more. Traditionally, most Viking jewelry was made with silver or bronze, a look we aim to emulate in our metalwork. Occasionally archeologists have uncovered gold jewelry worn by royalty or important figures, but these pieces are rare. More commonly, jewelry was also made from wood, bone, walrus or whale ivory, and other organic materials.

Our Viking jewelry and accessories have turned the online Viking community upside down with authentic Viking craftsmanship at an affordable price, plus flexible worldwide shipping capabilities. What was originally considered a very specialized niche of products has exploded in popularity. Nowadays, our jewelry collection has become one of our top sellers and we’re proud to be the gateway to all your Viking bling! Pick up a Viking necklace today. We’re sure we have something you’ll like!

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