Viking Pendant

Viking Pendant

Pick out a Viking pendent fit for a warrior from the Ice Cold Blings collection! Choose a Thor’s Hammer mens pendant, a detailed Viking amulet, a silver-plated Ouroboros pendant, or one of our many other options.

Authentic, Traditional Viking Jewelry

At Ice Cold Blings, we specialize in creating authentic and affordable Viking jewelry with great craftsmanship. We’re not just about jewelry – we also sell wall decals, Viking murals, skull beer mugs, drinking horns, t-shirts, and lots more. However, most of our clientele comes to us specifically for Norse jewelry. Traditionally, Viking accessories were made with silver and bronze, though archeologists have uncovered jewelry made with bone, walrus ivory, wood, and other organic materials. Very rarely, an important figure would have gold jewelry, but such items were difficult to obtain.

The Viking pendant was a treasured piece of jewelry, prized by both men and women alike. It can come in many forms, including ornate knits, hooks, triquetra patterns, and sacred animals like wolves, ravens, or dragons. A mens pendant may invoke the protection of Odin and Thor, aiding him in travels away from his homeland. A Nordic pendant may be decorated in Viking runes, representative of any number of things.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen up to 25% of clientele come to us as fans of Viking lore they’ve seen in movies or on TV, such as the show Vikings on the History Channel. People love to find a piece of jewelry like the arm rings they saw Ragnar and Rollo wear, or a protective amulet. However, most of our clientele found us long before they saw Vikings on television, either because they’re history buffs, because they love Norse mythology, or because they have Nordic ancestry. We love hearing their stories and talking about their Viking adventures!

If you saw a Viking pendant that you loved somewhere, we’d like to invite you to check our collection. You’re sure to find something you like!

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