Viking Ring

Viking Ring

Pick up an authentic and affordable Viking ring created in a classic Nordic style right here at Ice Cold Blings. Every mens ring we sell is well made and crafted with quality that would make any Viking of Midgard proud.

Classic Nordic Jewelry

At Ice Cold Blings, we sell Viking jewelry in a variety of styles, including mens bracelets, rings, cuffs, pendants, necklaces, and more. We’re about more than just jewelry, too! We also offer murals, wall decals, stickers, beer mugs, drinking horns, apparel, and other Viking-themed wares. Be sure to check back often. Since the show Vikings aired on the History Channel, about a quarter of our sales have come from fans of the show looking for the beautiful jewelry they saw Ragnar and Rollo wearing on the show. Ice Cold Blings has been happy to provide! Whether you’re looking for a wolf-headed arm cuff or a Viking ring for a wedding, you’ll find an option you’ll like.

Mens Viking bracelets, also known as arm rings or cuffs, are symbols of masculinity. They were typically made of bronze or silver, though studies of ancient Vikings show that they also crafted their jewelry from wood, walrus and narwhal tusks, and bone. Rings were made of similar materials and could be decorated simply or ornately with symbols of religious or cultural significance. Our Helm Of Awe mens ring features a rune compass, acted as an insignia of power in the old days. Travelers would wear the ring for guidance outside familiar lands, calling on the power of Odin and Thor to be by their side. Other rings feature knots or sacred animals, like wolves and ravens. The Old Gods are often symbolized on Viking jewelry.

If you’ve seen a Viking ring somewhere and liked it, odds are good you’ll be able to find something similar from Ice Cold Blings. View our collection to find ornamental bracelets, wolf-head bracelets, skull mugs, and more.

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